At Alpine Fishery, We can ship your fish for pond stocking Overnight!

We sell live bait , crickets, mealworms, and night crawlers for reptiles, fish and birds.
We also carry frozen mice and rats.

Live pond plants and aquarium plants,
Bulk fish foods, water conditioners, pond and aquarium filters, As well as UV sterilizers.

We have:
Ornamental Koi, 5 different types of live Siamese fighting fish(bettas),  Tropical fish and Reptiles.

Half Moon Betta
Half Moon Betta

Overnight Shipping:
Available for small fish.
We ship our fish with pure oxygen in the bag ensuring they get to their destination alive and ready for transfer.

*All Bulk Orders Must be Pre-Ordered*

Night Crawlers Large

12 ct                                      $2.90 

(12 cups or more)                 $2.75 

500 bulk                              $30.00 
        1000 bulk                            $125.00           

Red worms

50 count (1 cup)                      $3.00 ea

12 cups or more                  $2.65 ea   

1lb                                  $40.00



Multicolored Premium flake

for all tropical and marine fish

      Full box 5 lb                       $65.00  
       Bag 1 lb                            $15.00

 Small Container of Flake Food      .99/12     1.25ea

PELLET FOOD  (Organic)

Worldwide Pellets   (KOI- Color enhancing)

Sm/Md/Lg     10 lb box                 $69.00
1 lb  bag                                          $10.00
Basic pellet lg 1 lb                           $2.50


Aqua Top Pellets   (KOI- Staple quick growth)
5 kilo                             $50.00
1 kilo                             $14.50 


Spirulina Wafers  1 lb                           $15.00

(Great for all plecos/ algae eaters and catfish)
Pleco Wafer container                            $1.50

Aquatic Turtle Food (sticks) 1lb              $8.00


100gm Bloodworms         $2.45 /10     $2.65 ea

100gm Brine Shrimp       $2.45/10      $2.65 ea


Activated Carbon (Tri based pelletized)
Superior quality long lasting        1lb bag   $6.50

                                                           5lb bag    $25.00

                                                           50lb bag $200.00



Adds vital electrolytes for fish health and improves water quality. Removes the following:
Ammonia, Chlorine, Chloramine, Copper, and toxic metals.
Comes in 3 different sizes:


4 oz          Treats 240 Gallons      $2.15-12 lot
2.50 ea

16 oz           Treats 960 Gallons      $4.75-12 lot 
                                                                 $5.50 ea

1 Gallon          Treats 7680 Gallons            $21.00      

DECHLOR CRYSTALS (Sodium Thiosulphate)

Mix with 2 gallon water = 2 to 5 drops per gallon



55 lb


(Eliminates ammonia while shipping fish out)

(not for closed systems  )  

1lb                                   $12.50

CRYSTAL BLUE (128oz)      $69.00

(Lake + Pond Colorant to slow algae growth)

Treats: 1 surface acre of water with a depth of 4-6ft

                   1.5 million gallons.     

Please Call For More Information


Dumbo Beta
Half Moon Betta
Curly Leg Tarantula
Stripe Knee Tarantula
Pink Toe Tarantula 
Stripe Knee Tarantula 
Blue Paradise
$1.99 Ea
(Will Live in cold water!)
Green Anole
7 for $20

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