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Pond stocking simplified

Figuring the amount of fish for your pond depends on several different factors. Size of the pond, water quality, aireation, and the amount of predators in the area. On the average for a one acre pond with good water quality we recommend 200 fingerling catfish, 500 bluegill, 100 bass and 4000 minnows. Of course this all depends on your budget.

Have an inflow of water will increase the amount of fish and the growth rate of your stocked fish.Always make sure if using city water to refill your pond that you use some sort of chloramine neutralizer. In smaller ponds with no influx of fresh water using fountains, filters and aireators will increase the ability of you pond to hold more fish.

Keep in mind that you need to feed your fish and the use of pelletized food and forage minnows on a consitant basis will assure the health of your fish.

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