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We sell live bait wholesale and to the public.

 Bulk Orders in

Visit our facility 9am to 3pm Monday thru Friday 

Fishermen can come earlier please call 619-445-1558

GOLDEN SHINERS are  here  3-4

(not all sizes are available at all times)

Smalls   $4.00 per dozen

Med    $ 9.00 per dozen

Lg    $14.00 per dozen

Jumbo   20.00 per dozen(when available)

Crayfish     $10.80 per dozen

Nightcrawlers $3.50 cup

Redworms  $3.50 cup

Waxworms 250ct $14.00

regular Mealworms  1000ct $7
Giant Mealworms Large 1000ct $20

Super mealworms 1000ct   $34

Pond Comets used in Colorado river

3-4"    .90ea

5" +   2.65ea 

Large Mealworms.jpg
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